Best Polkadot DOT Interest Rate – Get Highest APY

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Welcome to our article about the best Polkadot DOT interest rates and how to achieve the best APY on your DOT holdings.

We will list all kind of different ways to get a crypto passive income with DOT, from staking to interest accounts.

There are always pros and cons with each alternative and we will help you to find the best alternative for you. This might not always be the best interest rate.

No Financial Advice, Information only. Do your own research

Where to get the best interest rate for Polkadot DOT token?

In the table below, we have listed all the best interest rates for the Polkadot DOT token. As you can see, Kraken is offering the very best APY.

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Binance Polkadot Interest Rates and APY

Binance is offering one of the best interest rate for the Polkadot DOT token. At Binance, you can get up to 11.51 % APY on your DOT holdings.

Binance has a the second best interest rate for the Polkadot DOT token. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can get 11.51% on your DOT holdings by deposit them for 30 days. 

Read more about Binance in our Binance review.

Binance doesn´t have the best interest rate for Polkadot DOT but Binance have the highest ROI and APY for many other coins and some are listed below


Binance Polkadot Interest Rates screenshot

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Celsius Network Interest Rates and APY

Celsius Network gives you a decent interest rate for your Polkadot DOT holdings.

On the Celsius Network you can achieve 8.89% on your idle DOT holdings.

For Polkadot, we would rather use Kraken or Binance to get a higher yield.

Read more about Celsius Network in our Celsius Network review.

Get $50+50 if you deposit $400 and hold them for 30 days.

Kraken Polkadot Interest Rates and APY

Kraken gives among the best interest rates for the Polkadot DOT token, after Binance.

Here, you can get 12% on your Polkadot deposits.

The big advantages with Kraken are

  • Kraken allow US citizens (Binance_com doesn´t)
  • Kraken staking is unlimited time (With Binance you have to renew every 15 or 30 days. Also, you don´t know if it´s possible to renew since the program can already be filled)
  • Kraken is a regulated exchange based in the US

Risks involved With Polkadot interest Rates

Investments always involves risks. There is not a single risk free investment.

So, the important thing is to make a risk versus reward calculation.

To do this, the risks should be known because it´s always hard to make calculations with unknown parameters. It´s here it becomes difficult since the risks are known but not the probability of them to come true.

Lets calculate an example.

Alice has 1 Bitcoin and she wants to earn interest on them. She want to diversify and uses 10 different platforms to earn interest on. For simplicity, we imagine each one of these platforms pay 10% interest rate.

Also, we assume that over a 10 year period, 1 one of those 10 will fail for any reason (They might got hacked or bankrupt for any other reason).

What do Alice have after 10 years.

Each account is generating 10% yield on yearly basis.

  • Account 1: failed and Alice lost 0.1 BTC
  • Account 2-10: Alice started with 0.1 BTC and after 10 years she had 0.259 BTC on each account (0.1*1.1^10)

End result: After a ten years period Alice has 0.259*9BTC= 2.33 BTC

Crypto Passive Income and Risks

We are always looking to get our idle cryptocurrency holdings to work. By doing this, you can earn crypto passive income.

With Crypto passive income you can can an extra income without spending more time. 

What are the risks and how to minimize them?

All investments involves a risk. However, it is possible to minimize the risk by certain actions.

One easy example is to diversify your investments. Diversification can mean different things and can be done in different ways.

Some examples are

  1. Do not buy all cryptocurrencies at once. Spread out over time to minimize the risk to buy at all time high
  2. Invest in different cryptocurrencies.
  3. The higher the market cap is for a cryptocurrency, the less is the risk (A simplification but will be valid in most cases)
  4. Spread your cryptocurrencies over several accounts (Your account or private key can be hacked)

Read more about how to manage risks for cryptocurrency investments.

What is Polkadot?

Polkadot is a sharded multi-chain and decentralized network hat uses a Nominated Proof of Stake.

Polkadot seeks to incentive a global network of computers. This network is intended to operate a blockchain on top of which users can launch and operate their own blockchains.

In this system the nominators back validators with their own stake as a show of faith in the good behavior of the validator. As a Polkadot nominator, you can nominate one or more (up to 16) validators that you trust to help you earn rewards in DOT.

Polkadot (DOT) blockchain network can be summarized in some bullet points.

  • Connects blockchains to each other
  • Enables users to easily build a blockchain with their Substrate framework
  • Hosts blockchains, handling their security and transactions
  • Bridges blockchains on Polkadot with other networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin
For more information about the Polkadot DOT project, see the video below produced by Coin Bureau.

Polkadot Tokenomics - Is DOT inflationary?

Inflation​ DOT is inflationary; there is no maximum number of DOT. Inflation is designed to be approximately 10% annually, with validator rewards being a function of the amount staked and the remainder going to treasury.

No Financial Advice, Information only. Do your own research

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