Best Ripple XRP Interest Rates and Best ROI

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Here, we will list how to earn the best Ripple XRP interest rates to receive the highest ROI on your investments.

Ripple XRP is among the 10 largest cryptocurrencies and have been so for many years.

It´s important to get your portfolio to grow instead of just HODL on an account.

Here, we list all alternatives for you to get passive income on your Ripple XRP holdings.


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Where Can I Get Interest On XRP?

In the table below we list all the best interest rates for Ripple XRP. 

As you can see there are some different platforms offering interest for your XRP deposits.

Below the table you can read more about what differs between them and search for what platform suits your demands.

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Ripple XRP Interest on NEXO

With NEXO you can get up to 8% interest on your Ripple XRP holdings. 

The basic rate is 4% but if you 

  1. Lock your funds you will earn extra
  2. Choose to receive your interest income in their native token, NEXO
  3. Hold a certain amount of NEXO token in your account

NEXO is offering same interest rates for all crypto starting at 4% and can go up to 8% where you will get 2% if you receive your payments in the NEXO token.

Also, you can get 1% extra if you lock your funds for 1 month.

In addition, NEXO has their loyalty program where you can earn 0.25% in 4 stages (Up to 1%) extra if you hold a certain amount of NEXO tokens in your account.

Ripple XRP Interest on

With you can earn up to 5% n your XRP holdings.

The basic interest rate is 0.5% but you can earn more if you

  1. Lock your funds for 1 or 3 months
  2. Stake the native toke, CRO. There is a latter of three different stages. Stake CRO wort 400 USD, 4000 USD or 40000 USD.

What cryptocurrencies does offer best rates on? is offering some good rates on Bitcoin, Ethereum and  Stablecoins. Read more in each article Referral Code: mcmk7qgbhh

Ripple XRP Interest on YouHodler

With YouHodler you earn a flat 4.5 % interest rate on your XRP deposits.

YouHodler doesnt have any native token or any loyalty program as NEXO and

However, YouHodler only pays interest on holdings up to $100.000.

YouHodler is offering the best basic interest rate for Ripple XRP if you are not ready to lock up your funds and want to receive your interest payouts in Ripple XRP crypto.

Other cryptocurrencies YouHodler is offering the best basic interest rate for

Ripple XRP Interest on Binance

Binance doesn´t offer a good interest rate for Ripple XRp and we think you should consider any of the other platforms.

Binance is a great platform if you are look for the best interest rate for any of those cryptocurrencies

Why you should deposit your crypto to earn interest rate?

Its very important to deposit your cryptocurrency holdings into an account where you eanr passive income.

Many cryptocurrencies give 4-5% yield per year and it might not look as much in the beginning.

However, its very important to understand the interest-on-interest concept, or the compounding effect. If you are not familiar with this concept you should learn about it, especially if you have any intention of being a serious investor in the long term.

How to Pay taxes on Ripple XRP interest payouts?

In most countries, including the US, interest payouts are considered as income.

Therefor, you need to include interest payments in your tax file for cryptocurrencies.

However, it can be a bit more complicated.

Lets take an example

  1. You hold 10.000 XRP worth $10.000
  2. You receive 10% interest and the XRP price is stable over the year.
  3. Now, you should declare an income for $1.000
  4. As long as you keep those 1000 XRP you dont pay any extra tax if XRP gain in value.
  5. However, once you sell them you might have to pay tax on your capital gains. In this case, you use $1 as the purchase price for your earned XRP coins. If XRP is worth $2 when you sell, you have to pay tax on your $1.000 gain in value.

Read more about how Bitcoin and crypto interest payouts are handled in your tax file.

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