Best Sandbox SAND Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

Best Sandbox SAND interest rates and staking rewards

Welcome, in this article we will focus on deliver the best Sandbox SAND interest rates and staking rewards possibilities for you.

However, we will give additional information about what the Sandbox is, where to buy SAND and how to pay for SAND interest payouts.

If Sandbox SAND is not what your are looking for you might still be interested in finding the best opportunities to earn the best crypto interest rates APY and staking rewards.

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List: Best Sandbox SAND Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

In the table below, you will find all the best Sandbox SAND interest rates and staking rewards.

At the moment, we could only identify Binance Earn giving interest on your SAND holdings.

We believe depositing into crypto interest accounts is the best crypto HODL long-term investment strategy for beginners.




*Sign up bonus with terms and conditions

**Reduction in fees

YouHodler Sandbox SAND interest Account Rates

Youhodler offers a decent interest rate for your deposited Sandbox SAND tokens. Here, you earn 3% with weekly payouts up to $20.000. 

Youhodler is a crypto lending and borrowing online platform with additional innovative features like Multi HODL and Dual Asset.

Read more in our YoudHodler review.

Binance best Sandbox SAND interest rates and staking rewards

Binance Earn is giving the best Sandbox SAND interest rates and staking rewards.

With Binance Earn you can stake your SAND tokens for 30 to 60 days and earn up to 12.36% APY which is great.

Binance Earn is also offering the best Axie Infinity AXS interest rates and staking rewards.

Binance Earn Pros and Cons

Here, are the pros and cons with Binance Earn


  • Great APY
  • Many available cryptocurrencies


  • Lock up periods for 30-60 days to receive the best interest rates
  • You use a centralized exchange as a middleman

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Kucoin Margin Lending Sandbox SAND Interest Rates

Kucoin has a feature called Kucoin Earn where Kucoin margin lending is integrated. Here, you find Sandbox SAND interest rates are set by the market among many other cryptocurrencies.

Kucoin margin lending is a peer-to-peer lending and borrowing marketplace for margin funding.

You can see the current Kucoin lending SAND rates here. 

Kucoin is open for US customers which is important to note nowadays when Celsius, NEXO, Blockfi, and Youhodler are closed for US citizens due to uncertain regulatory framework.

Read more about Kucoin Earn review and rewards explained.

What is Sandbox SAND?

The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize NFTs and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

SAND is an ERC-20 token that powers all of the ecosystem’s transactions and interactions.

Can I stake my $SAND into LAND?

Yes, in the future. There will come a feature where you can stake your SAND tokens and earn a passive income in the game.

It will also be the only way precious GEMs and catalysts can be produced, which can either be used yourself or sold on The Sandbox’s marketplace.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments through conventional personal computing, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets. 

You can think of it as a complete digital world where you can enjoy concerts, go shopping or go to art museums. There will be an unlimited number of different activities you can do.


Earn interest on other Metaverse projects and cryptocurrencies

Many agree Metaverse will be the feature virtual digital world, and many projects want to monetize on this.

Because of this, there are many metaverse cryptocurrency projects out there. Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and Sandbox are the largest by market cap.

If you are into the Metaverse but prefer Axie Infinity over Sandbox, check out our article about the best Axie Infinity AXS interest rates and staking rewards. Here, you can get an APY over 100!

Find out where to get the best Decentraland MANA interest rate APY and staking rewards.

Coin Bureau on Sandbox SAND

In the video below, you find out what one of the largest crypto YouTuber thinks of Sandbox and it´s SAND token.

Sandbox SAND Interest and Investment Risks

There are always risks associated with any investment. This article lists 3rd party services where you can deposit and earn interest on your Sandbox SAND tokens.

There are several risks associated with using a 3rd party service. There is no way to eliminate the risk completely but it’s important to understand the risks and how to minimize or reduce them by diversification. Read more about those risks in our article about crypto risk management.

Also, there is a risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies in general since it’s a new unregulated asset class. In general, you can get lower risk by investing in cryptocurrencies with a larger marketcap. 

So, Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH will give you less risk exposure than Sandbox SAND since they have a larger marketcap and there is less direct competition. 

Read more about the best Bitcoin BTC interest rates and highest APY.

Where to buy Sandbox SAND cheapest?

In the Coingecko screenshot below, you can easily see that Binance is the best crypto exchange to buy Sandbox SAND cryptocurrency.


Binance has the most trading volume by a factor of 10. This will give you a tighter trading spread and lower slippage. In addition, Binance offers very low trading fees, and you will get even lower costs with our Binance referral ID.

Read more about the Binance exchange in our Binance review.




*Reduction in fees

**Available sign up bonuses

How to pay tax on Sandbox SAND interest payouts?

Yes, you have to pay tax on your crypto interest payouts earned from your Sandbox SAND holdings.

Stay calm,

there is a great crypto tax software that will automatize all these calculations for you.

There are several crypto tax software out there but we found Cointracking and Koinly to be the best ones.

Tax Software



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