Best Terra LUNA Interest Rates and Staking Reward Yields

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Welcome, in this article we list the best Terra LUNA interest rates and staking rewards.

In addition, we provide information what Terra is and how you should report tax on your Terra LUNA interest payout.

Make sure you earn crypto passive income on your crypto holdings since this will have large impact on your long-term portfolio value. 

Best Terra LUNA Interest Rates

In the table below, we list the best Terra LUNA interest rates and staking rewards.

As you can see, the providers are limited. However, the staking rewards with MyCointainer is very good.

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Binance Earn and Terra LUNA

Binance Earn offers a lot of great interest ans taking opportunities, including Terra LUNA. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, Binance is offering two different products for earning Terra LUNA interest

As you can see in the screenshot, there are 2 main differences

  1. Flexible staking has flexible withdrawals while locked staking has a lock up period of 30 or 60 days
  2. Locked staking is offering the best Terra LUNA interest rates

MyCointainer - Best Terra LUNA Interest Rate

MyCointainter is offering the best Terra LUNA interest rate. MyCoinTainer is a platform for earning staking rewards on Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies.

With MyCoinTainer you can deposit many different cryptocurrencies, including LUNA, to earn passive income and staking rewards.

MyCoinTainer is a simple to use and very user-friendly platform. 

MyCointainer Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Charging small fees
  • Supports many different cryptocurrencies
  • Have great interest rates and staking rewards


  • Relatively small platform compared to Binance, Celsius, Kraken, or NEXO (Which are other platforms we use)
  • Relatively new platform compared to Kraken and Coinbase

What is Terra LUNA?

Terra Luna is the world’s biggest dual-token platform, which is a network with two intertwined tokens that have separate utility. LUNA coins are on its native blockchain, while Terra USD (CRYPTO: TUSD) stablecoins are on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main idea behind creating tokens is to avoid compliance issues with regulators and divide the project’s ecosystem into two tokens for better usability.

See more about Terra LUNA and some price predictions from Sheldon Evans in the video below.

Risks with earning Terra LUNA Interest and staking rewards

As for any investment, there are risks associated with earning Terra LUNA interest rate and staking rewards.

If you know the risks, you have a greater chance and possibility to manage them and reduce them.

We have identified the following risks (Note that risks can be more and also in some cases personal)

  • The company you deposit into can go bankrupt
  • The company you deposit into can be hacked
  • The cryptocurrency you own can loose in value (Also, some of the above companies have lock up periods and you might not be able to sell in time)

How to report tax on Terra LUNA Interest Payouts?

For all crypto transactions you need to report tax, including interest payouts and staking rewards.

For simple transfers, you don´t have to report tax. A transfer is sending Bitcoin from one wallet to another wallet.

Read more about how to report tax on crypto interest payouts.

Where to buy Terra LUNA?

If you are looking for a great place to buy Terra LUNA, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Coingecko
  2. Search your cryptocurrency and click on it
  3. Search for the tab called “Markets”. Here, you will find all the available markets for your cryptocurrency

As you can see in the screenshot below, there might be some places that are sponsored. You can also see that Bitfinex and Binance has the largest markets for LUNA coin. Its quite convenient to buy with Binance if you are about to deposit your LUNA coins with Binance Earn to receive staking rewards.

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