Best USDT Interest Rate and Highest APY

Best USDT Stablecoin Interest Rate - Get Highest APY

Best USDT Rates – Summary

  • Where to go to get the highest APY on your USDT holdings?
  • Compare the pros and cons of the USDT interest opportunities
  • Impact your long-term USDT holdings.

Do you HODL more cryptocurrencies?

Find the best crypto interest rate APY and staking rewards for your holdings. Make sure to make your money work for you.

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What is USDT Stablecoin?

USDT is a blockchain-based stablecoin. It´s called stablecoin because its price should be stable against any other currency or asset. 

In this case, USDT should be tough against the USD and backed by an equivalent traditional fiat currency.

Tether tokens are the native tokens of the Tether network and are traded under the USDT symbol. Antoher USD crypto stablecoin is USDC. 

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Where to get the best USDT stablecoin Interest Rate?

We have listed all the best USDT stablecoin interest rates from different exchanges and other platforms in the table below.

Interest rates ranging from 8% to 20% will be excellent compared to what traditional fiat generates on a standard bank savings account.




*Sign up bonus with terms and conditions

**Reduction in trading fees

NEXO – good Loyalty Interest on USDT Stablecoin

NEXO is a regulated and licensed company where you can get a good yield on your USDT stablecoin holdings. NEXO has quite good interest rates but a complicated loyalty system.

They have four different loyalty levels.

  • Base – Up to 1% NEXO tokens in your portfolio
  • Silver – 1-5% NEXO tokens in portfolio
  • Gold – 5-10% NEXO tokens in the portfolio
  • Platinum – Above 10% NEXO tokens in portfolio

On top of this, you will earn an additional interest rate if you choose to receive the interest payments in the NEXO token.

You can also choose between fixed and flexible terms if this is not enough.

NEXO is offering daily compound interest payouts.

For more information about NEXO, see our full Nexo wallet review with loyalty levels and best interest rates in 2023.

Kucoin Margin Lending USDT Interest Rates

Kucoin margin lending is a peer-to-peer margin funding marketplace where Kucoin matches lenders and borrowers.

Since margin traders requires extra borrowed capital to do margin trading they will look for offers. At the same time, crypto holders that don’t want to do margin trading can lend their funds to earn interest on them. This is like a peer-to-peer lending market with a dynamic interest rate set by the market at all times.

You can lend almost any cryptocurrency to earn a good interest yield here. 

You can always see the current market rates for each cryptocurrency, and you don’t have to log in for this. Follow this link to see the current Kucoin lending rates for the stablecoin USDT.

YouHodler USDT APY Interest Rate

YouHodler is offering one of the best USDT stablecoin interest yields. Here, you can get 8%.

In addition, YouHodler has pooled crime insurance insured by $150M  by Ledger Vault.

You will receive weekly payouts from YouHodler.

With YouHodler, the minimum deposit amount to start earning the interest is 100 USD (in crypto equivalent). At the same time, you will not make any interest on holdings above the equivalent of 20.000 USD worth of your crypto portfolio.

If you hold Uniswap UNI tokens, YouHodler also gives the best Uniswap UNI interest rates.

YouHodler Pros and Cons


+ YouHodler has no lock up periods

+ YouHodler has no native token

+ YouHodler has many cryptocurrencies and, in general, a good yield

+ $150M pooled crime insurance with Ledger Vault


– There are fees on withdrawals

– YouHodler has a loyalty system where it’s very hard to reach the highest levels 

– Minimum is $100, and the maximum is $20.000

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Binance is Not the best on USDT Stablecoin

Binance doesn´t have the best opportunity to grow your USDT by passive income.

However, Binance has excellent opportunities for the best Polkadot DOT interest rates.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange with a massive difference in products for crypto passive income.

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Binance Pros and Cons


+ Binance has many cryptocurrencies with excellent yields

+ Binance is a great trading platform


– For USDT, Binance has no good yield

– Binance has lockup periods that can be as short as seven days which means you must redeposit every seven day

CoinRabbit USDT interest APY Rate

Coinrabbit offers up to 8% APY on its USDT savings account.

CoinRabbit is a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing online platform. There are no lock-up periods and no KYC requirements.

In addition, there are no withdrawal fees and you can deposit between $100-$1.000.000. 

The accumulated reward amount is updated on your dashboard daily with compounding interest.

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What is a USDT interest Account?

A USDT interest account is an account in which you can deposit your USDT to receive interest on them.

The interest, in turn, is often obtained by the company that offers the interest account lending your USDT, often for margin trading but also other purposes.

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USDT Investment Strategy 2023

Here, at Cryptocoinzone, we focus on achieving the best interest rates and staking rewards while you HODL your cryptocurrencies.

We believe HODL is the best investment strategy to apply for the majority of your crypto portfolio.

We believe in HODL because

  • HODL creates fewer taxable events than trading
  • HODL probably gives less volatility in your portfolio than trading
  • HODL will probably create less emotional volatility for you because of the above bullet point
  • Most large investors apply this strategy since it creates lees taxable events and is less time-consuming than active trading (for the majority of the portfolio)

You might want to trade with a part of the portfolio to add some “spice” to it.

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What are the risks with USDT Interest Savings account

As for all investments, there are risks with USDT interest savings accounts.

Some of the risks are

  1. USDT itself is a risk since it’s not a regulated cryptocurrency
  2. Any company providing a USDT interest saving account could fail due to bad business (go bankrupt)
  3. Any company providing a USDT interest saving account could be hacked

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