Best USDT Stablecoin Interest Rate – Get Highest APY

Best USDT Stablecoin Interest Rate - Get Highest APY

Welcome, in this article we will list the best USDT stablecoin interest rates so you know where to go to get the highest APY on your USDT holdings.

We compare the best accounts to get your idle USDT to work and earn crypto passive income, just like the billionaires do.

In the end, we describe why it´s so important to get the very best interest rate and how much this can impact you long-term USDT holdings.

No Financial Advice, Information only. Do your own research

What is USDT Stablecoin?

USDT is a blockchain based stablecoin. It´s called stablecoin because it´s price should be stable against any other currency or asset. In this case, USDT should be stable against the USD and also backed by an equivalent traditional fiat currency.

Tether tokens are the native tokens of the Tether network and are traded under the USDT symbol.

Where to get the best USDT stablecoin Interest Rate?

In th etable below, we have listed all the best USDT stablecoin interest rates from different exchanges and other platforms.

You will find interest rates ranging from 8 up to 12.7% which is incredible good compared to what traditional fiat generates on a normal bank savings account.

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YouHodler gives the Best USDT Interest

YouHodler is offering the best USDT stablecoin interest yield. Here, you can get 12.7%.

YouHodler is insured by $150M pooled crime insurance by Ledger Vault.

You will receive weekly payouts from YouHodler

With YouHodler the minimum deposit amount to start earning the interest is 100 USD (in crypto equivalent). At the same time, you will not earn any interest on holdings above the equivalent of 100.000 USD worth of your crypto portfolio.

If you hold Uniswap UNI tokens, YouHodler also gives the best Uniswap UNI interest rates.

BlockFi Gives a great USDT Interest

With BlockFi you can earn interest on you USDT with no duration time and one free withdrawal each month.

BlockFi has no minimum or maximum deposit to earn interest on USDT.

BlockFi is about to launch their free BlockFi crypto Visa credit card with 1.5% cashback.

Binance Not the best on USDT Stablecoin

Binance doesn´t have the best opporunity to grow you USDT by passive income.

However, Binance has great opportunities for the best Polkadot DOT interest rates.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange with massive different of products for crypto passive income.

Read more about Binance in our Binance review.

Nexo Has good Loyalty Interest on USDT Stablecoin

Nexo can give you a good yield on your USDT holdings. NEXO has quite good interest rates but they have a complicated loyalty system.

They have 4 different loyalty levels

  • Base – Up to 1% NEXO tokens in your portfolio
  • Silver – 1-5% NEXO tokens in portfolio
  • Gold – 5-10% NEXO tokens in portfolio
  • Platinum – Above 10% NEXO tokens in portfolio

On top of this, you will earn additionl interest rate if you chose to receive the interest payments in the NEXO token.

If this was not enough, you can also chose between fixed and flexible terms.

For crypto, you will earn 1% extra if you lock your funds for 1 month.

For fiat and stablecoins, you will earn 4% extra if you lock your funds for 3 months.

Celsius Network has better alternatives than USDT stablecoin

Celsius Network is not offering one of the best USDT interest rates when we write this article. 

Both, BlockFi and YouHodler has better rates than Celsius and if you are about to deposit USDT there is no reason to go for Celsius over BlockFi or YouHodler.

Why should you bother about the best USDT interest?

It´s very important to get the best interest rate for your USDT holdings if you intend to hold them over time.


Well, it´s know as the interest on interest effect. On the long term this will have huge impact on your USDT savings account.

Let´s make some calculations to visualize this even better.

We pretend you have 100 USDT you deposit into five different savings account for 10 years or for 30 years.

In the table below, you can see the end results after 10 years and 30 years.

USD StartUSDT InterestUSDT after 10 yearsUSDT after 30 years

Now, let´s make transform the data table into diagrams to visualize the difference even better. In the table below, you can see all the best savings accounts for USDT stablecoin and how they will perform for 10 years and 30 years.

Best USDT Stablecoin Interest Rate table with payouts for 10 years and 30 years
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