BlockFi Credit Card Review and Referral code – BlockFi VS NEXO VS Card

BlockFi Credit Card Review 2021 and Referral code – BlockFi VS NEXO

BlockFi has launched the first Bitcoin Credit Card ever. 

The BlockFi Bitcoin credit card will come with a lot of benefits and rewards.

For example, you will get 1.5% cashback, paid in Bitcoin, on every purchase.

In addition, there are no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees and no staking requirements.

BlockFi is a company offering interest on your deposited crypto, crypto loans, crypto credit card and crypto trading.

What is BlockFi?

BlockFi is a privately-held NYC-based lending platform founded in 2017. BlockFi offers lending, borrowing and trading features. In addition, BlockFi has now launched a crypto credit card which we will review further in this article.

Short summary of BlockFi

  • Features: Earn, Lending, Trading
  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Chainlink, PAXG, Uniswap, Basic Attention Token
  • Supported Stablecoins: USDC, GUSD, USDT, PAX, DAI, BUSD
  • APY on Earn: Up to 8.60% 
  • Monthly Fees: $0
  • Promotions (For BlockFi interest account): Up to $250 bonus, starting at $25 USDC

What is BlockFi Visa Credit Card?

BlockFi has launched the first Bitcoin credit card on the market. The BlockFi rewards credit card can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa. 

In addition, the VISA card comes with a lot of benefits like

  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 1.5% cashback on all purchases
  • 2% cashback on all purchases over $50.000
  • Earn 3.5% back in crypto during your first 3 months (Maximum $100)


The BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card does require “good” to “excellent” credit, but the good news is that you can see if you are pre-approved without having any impact on your credit.

Who can Apply for the BlockFi Visa Credit Card?

The BlockFi Rewards Credit Card is for US residents in qualified states (NY is excluded). You must have a BlockFi account to apply.

BlockFi Credit Card Rewards Review - Terms and Conditions

BlockFi Credit Card offers a lot of different rewards which we will review in this section.

Check out all the BlockFi credit card bonuses below

  • Intro bonus: Earn 3.5% Bitcoin rewards on all purchases in the first 90 days of card ownership after activation, up to $100 in Bitcoin. To reach the full $100 cap would require at least $5,000 in USD card spend.
  • Trading bonus: 0.25% back in Bitcoin on all eligible trades, up to a maximum of $500 in Bitcoin each month
  • Spend bonus: Earn 2% back in Bitcoin on every dollar over $50,000 of annual spend. Rewards rate increases from 1.5% to 2% after $50,000 of spend has been achieved and resets on the card anniversary date every year.
  • Refer-a-friend bonus: $30 in Bitcoin for every client referral, on top of the base Refer-a-Friend program

In addition, the BlockFi credit card includes rewards which gives you instant access to once-in-a-lifetime travel, fine wine and food, sporting events, shopping and more from Visa.

  • Enjoy special access to unforgettable experiences with your BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature card—from fine wine and food events, luxury hotels and premium car rental service to once-in-a-lifetime sporting events, shopping and more.
  • Your BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature card comes with 24/7 access to your Visa Signature® Concierge* for assistance booking travel, transportation, accommodations, event tickets—even restaurant reservations and golf tee times.

Get up to $250 sign up bonus. This bonus is related to the interest earning part of BlockFi

How to Apply for the BlockFi Rewards Credit Card?

To apply for the BlockFi credit card, you must first go through the pre-approval process.

After the pre-approval process, you will receive an offer and rate.

Here, you must check the box agreeing to a hard pull of your credit and your credit score may be impacted by Deserve’s credit inquiry.

Outstanding balances are liable to be charged a variable interest rate between 14.99% and 22.99%, which is pretty standard for most credit cards

BlockFi Card VS Card

Here, we compare the BlockFi rewards Visa credit card with the CRO VISA card. has many different cards dependent on how much CRO you choose to stake. They all come with different rewards, benefits and cashback levels.

Both the card and the BlockFi card are connected to VISA. BlockFi only has one credit card and it is not connected to any staking requirements.

Read more about the CRO VISA card and staking requirements.


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*BlockFi signup bonus of $250 is related to their interest account.

**Terms and conditions apply.

BlockFi Card VS Binance Card

The Binance card is connected to VISA like the BlockFi rewards credit card.

With the Binance card you can earn up to 8% in cashback. However, you have to hold on average 600 Binance Coin BNB to receive 8% cashback.

In addition the Binance card is charging up to 0.9% in transaction fees.

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BlockFi Card VS Nexo Card

Here, we compare Nexo and BlockFi cards.

The NEXO card is offering a slightly better cashback than the BlockFi rewards credit card.

With the NEXO card you can choose whether to receive your rewards in NEXO Tokens or BTC. You can also toggle between the two right before making a transaction.

The NEXO card is connected to Mastercard while the BlockFi card is connected to VISA. Mastercard is connected to 40 million merchants while VISA is connected to 60 million merchants.

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*BlockFi signup bonus of $250 in bitcoin after spending $3,000 or more on the card within the first three months.

How to Earn interest on BlockFi?

BlockFi is offering you to earn interest on many different cryptocurrencies.

You just deposit your cryptocurrencies and enjoying some of the best interest rates and staking rewards.

In addition, you can get up to a $250 deposit bonus with BlockFi. Read more about how to earn interest on BlockFi.