Buy APEcoin APE and Earn High-Interest Rate

Buy APEcoin APE and Earn High Interest Rate

This article focuses on buying APEcoin APE and finding the best interest rates to earn passive income.

In addition, we handle and summarize the APEcoin tokenomics and what APE is.

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List: Best APEcoin APE Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

The table below lists all the best interest rates and staking rewards for APEcoin APE.

NEXO is running a temporary interest rate where you can earn up to 12%. Read more about the terms and conditions to receive the highest interest rate.




Kucoin Lending - Best Apecoin APE Interest Rate

Kucoin offers the best interest rates for Apecoin APE in the margin lending marketplace. Here, borrowers and lenders meet to agree on the terms and interest rates. Kucoin lending is a perfect way to make passive income on your cryptocurrency holdings.

The interest rates are dynamic and you can always check the latest Apecoin APE interest rates at Kucoin without having to log in.

NEXO Best Apecoin APE Interest Rate

NEXO offers the best APEcoin APE interest rate. Here you can earn up to 12% APY if you check these bullets

  • Hold at least 10% of your NEXO balance in the NEXO token
  • Opt-in to acquire the interest payouts in the NEXO token
  • Choose to lock your funds for one month at the time

YouHodler APEcoin APE Interest Rate

YouHodler offers 3% APY on your APEcoin APE tokens. The rate is a decent interest rate, but there is no reason to sign up and deposit with NEXO instead.

Binance Earn APEcoin APE Interest Rate

When we checked, Binance Earn only offered flexible savings for APEcoin APE, and this product gives not have a great interest rate for any cryptocurrency.

If you are looking for high-interest earnings on your APE, you should sign with NEXO and deposit.

How to Buy APEcoin APE?

The screenshot below finds the crypto exchange with the most liquid APEcoin APE trading pairs.

As you can see, Binance is at the top as for most cryptocurrencies. Binance is a great place to buy and trade APEcoin APE. For US residents, you can look for Coinbase or Kucoin instead.

APEcoin APE crypto exchanges with most traded volumes screenshot from Coingecko

APEcoin APE Tokenomics

The APE Foundation announced on March 16, 2022, the launch of APEcoin APE. A total of 1 billion ApeCoins were released through an airdrop.

Within 24-hours, the coin attracted over $9.2 billion in trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap.

The coin is supposed to give holders influence and voting power over Bored Ape DAO. In the ApeCoin DAO, each token holder will have a stake in the organization’s development.

The DAO will use the blockchain to enable and record votes on decisions related to how the Bored Ape community is managed, as well as Yuga Labs’ central role as it dives into the metaverse.

ApeCoin will serve as a utility token for the APE ecosystem. Token holders can purchase new products and services with the token, such as a play-to-earn game that BAYC and nWay are developing.

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