Celsius Network Review – Get $20 and earn up to 11.9%

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In this Celsius Network review we will go through the features and compare with some competitors. We will go through what CEL token is, why Celsius distribute 80% of their income to their users, how much you can earn and what coins are supported.

We have used the Celsius Network app for over 1 year now and we are very satisfied. 


Right now you will get $20 for free when you sign up through our link and deposit at least $200 and hold for 30 days.

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What is Celsius Network?

The Celsius Network consists of 3 main features

  1. Lending – Earn Crypto
  2. Borrowing – Cash Loans
  3. Paying -CelPay
In this article, we will focus on the lending and earning feature since there is where we have experience with Celsius Network.
For an animated explanation what Celsisu Network is, see this video.

How do I sign up and get Started with Celsius?

The steps to sign up and deposit crypto to Celsius Network are very straight forward. However, we created a separate step-by-step guide to help you out on this anyway. See our guide on how to sign up with Celsius Network and deposit Ethereum to earn 10%.

What is Celsius token CEL?

Celisus have their own token, CEL, that serves 2 purposes

  1. If you hold CEL you can earn up 35% more interest if you are a lender
  2. If you hold CEL you can pay less interest if you are a borrower

How much can I earn with Celsius?

It is possible to earn up to 11.9% on your stablecoins. For all interest rates, see the table below where the green numbers are the maximum interest you can get if you are a platinum member. See different loyalty levels below.

Celisus Interest Rates on Crypto and Stablecoins

How does Celisus earn money?

Celsius earn money by lend out money from depositors. The company lends to private borrowers and have signed contracts with over 180 financial institutions. They use crypto as collateral.

Celsius is unique by paying 80% of the profit back to the users. Competitors, like Nexo for instance, pay 30% back to their users which also is great but not close to what Celsius does.

The Team behind the Celsius Network

Alex Mashinsky is the CEO of the company and he has a very solid background in the internet industry. Alex has previously founded seven New York City-based startups and have raised over $1 billion. Alex founded two of the New York City´s top 10 venture-backed exits since 2000, Arbinet and Transit Wireless.

S. Daniel Leon is the founding president and COO of the company and has a business and social entreprenur background. He has been CEO of Atlis Labs and Beyon3D. In addition, he has been chairman of HereO and general manager of GroundLink.

Nuke Goldstein is the CTO of the company and is a software developer with a career within AI, IoT and blockchain.

Harumi Urata-Thompson is the CFO of the company and serves on the board of the directors for several companies and speaks on topics including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity and much more.

Jeremie Beaudry is the CCO and GC of Celsius Network.

Camilla Churcher is the global head of business development.

Aliza Landes is the VP lending.

Below is an interview with the CEO, Alex Mashinsky.

Right now you will get $20 for free when you sign up through our link and deposit at least $200 and hold for 30 days.

Celsius Network Loyalty levels

There are three different loyalty levels you can reach in the Celsius Network. The loyalty level is dependent on what ratio between CEL holding and total holdings you have in your Celsius account.

Celsius Loyalty Rewards

In order to take advantage of Celsius Network benefits a use must hold at least one CEL token. When the loans will be limited the Celsius Network will reorder the queue based on CEL token balance and CEL token HODL time. The 100 members with the largest holding of CEL balance will receiv premium support and gifts.

Advantages of Celsius Network

No minimum deposit

No fees

Earn interest in CEL or the native currency

Earn more with CEL, up to 35%

No lock up period for your funds

BitGo Insurance – protect all cold wallets

Hot wallet insurance

Disadvantages of Celsius Network

No access to the private keys

Conclusion Celsius Network Review

Celsius Network is a great application to put your crypto or stablecoins holdings to earn a great return. They give 80% of their profit back to their community which is the best you can find. 

Nexo, which is also great, gives back 30% to their community. In addition, there is a great and trustful team behind the Celsius Network and they have all the technical security and transparency you can ask for. 

We have diversified our crypto portfolio for passive income in different crypto interest accounts like Crypto.com, Nexo and BlockFi.

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