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Welcome to our supercharger article where we review the profitability and payouts.

Supercharger is a way to earn crypto passive income by deposit into liquidity mining. is a company offering a complete ecosystem around cryptocurrencies including the mobile app and the desktop exchange with features for trading, CRO Visa Card, Earn, Pay and more.

We didn’t find the supercharger product attractive and we don’t use this service anymore. We use several other services to gain passive income on our crypto holdings. Read more about how to earn passive income on your Bitcoin and crypto holdings.

What is Supercharger? supercharger is a liquidity mining platform.

Here you can deposit CRO tokens in order to mine the most popular DeFi tokens.

The feature is available on both the Exchange desktop verison and App.

Simply, the supercharger feature consist of two events:

  • Charging period
  • Rewards period

We explain them in detail below. Supercharger Charging

Here you can find the information regarding the charging period for supercharger.


Important to notice is that you don´t lock any funds in, there is unlimited deposit and withdrawals.


Also, you should notice that you need to accept the reward tokens or they will not be distributed.


Duration: 30 days

Deposit Minimum: 100 CRO per deposit

Deposit & Withdrawal limits: Unlimited

Deposit from: Exchange spot wallet, App crypto wallet


Acceptance Period: Immediately after the Charging period ends, the liquidity score will be determined. Once the liquidity score is confirmed you will receive the option to accept the reward tokens before the reward period ends.




  • If you fail to accept your reward distribution before distribution begins, you will lose that portion of the reward scheduled to be distributed.
  • App users can accept their allocation in the App Supercharger Rewards

The supercharger reward period starts after the charging period has ended.


Duration: 30 days (after Charging Period ends)

Total Reward amount: Pro-rata based on user’s share of total liquidity pool

Reward distribution frequency: Daily

Reward amount daily: Total reward divided by 30

Distributed to: Exchange spot wallet App Supercharger users will need to open a Exchange account to receive their reward allocation.

What is the Supercharger profitability? supercharge is a new feature but lets explore the profitability so far for October 2020.

  • Liquidity Score: 0.00049456347817856 (% of total supply)
  • Event’s Liquidity Pool 160526798.34320193 CRO (Total supply)
  • Calculated Reward 104.33828652 UNI (Total Reward)
  • Daily Reward: 3.477942884 UNI (Reward daily payout for 30 days)

We staked 83300 CRO for the complete period. 
83300 CRO was worth: 

(30th of October) = 83300*0.0844 = $7030

(1st of October) = 83300*0.150 = $12495

Uniswap is worth $2.26 and we end up with a payout something like:

104.34*2.26 = $235.80

Now, we can calculate the profitability in many ways. 

Example 1

If the CRO price and the UNI price is stable throughout November we will end November with:

$7030+235.80 = $7265.80 which will cause a 42% loss of capital.

However, this was due do CRO price decrease and not the Supercharger feature.

Example 2

The most fair way is to calculate in stable price for both CRO and UNI.

If so, we will end up with a calculation like this

(235.80+12495)/12495 = 1.019 = 1.9% profit for 1 month which is great.


How do I sign Up with Supercharger

First, you must be eligible to participate in the Supercharger program.

  • All App users outside of Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China and the USA are eligible to participate in supercharger.
  • Any verified Exchange user (Level: Starter or Advanced) is eligible to participate in the Supercharger events.
Now there are two options. Either you sign up with the exchange or the app to participate in the supercharger program.


Below we have a step-by-step guide for both options.

Sign up with App

  1. Sign up with App. How to sign up with app and claim referral bonus
  2. Open the App
  3. Look for the Supercharger banner on the home screen. See the screenshot below. The other option is to click the logo in the middle in the bottom and then click Supercharger. app welcome screenshot

4. Under “All events” look for an event you are interested in and click on the logo.

5. Select “Charge Now”

6. Read the supercharge terms and conditions

6. Select a supported cryptocurrency from your Crypto Wallet and enter the amount you like to deposit into the pool.

7. Once charging period for the event is over, accept reward amount allocated to you.

8. Wait for rewards to be distributed on the Exchange.

Sign up with Exchange

  1. Sign up with How to sign up with exchange and claim 500 CRO referral code
  2. Login to Exchange
  3. Navigate to the Supercharger page

3. Click into the Supercharger event

4. Deposit to the pool by clicking “Deposit to Supercharger

5. Accept Reward amount allocated to you

6. Wait for rewards to be distributed

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