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Welcome to our supercharger article, where we review the profitability and payouts.

The supercharger is a way to earn crypto passive income by depositing into liquidity mining. is a company offering a complete ecosystem around cryptocurrencies, including the mobile app and the desktop exchange with features for trading, CRO Visa Card, Earn, Pay, and more.

What is Supercharger? supercharger is a defi liquidity mining platform.

Here, you can deposit CRO tokens to mine the most popular Defi tokens.

The feature is available on the Exchange desktop version and App.

The supercharger feature consists of two events:

  1. Charging period
  2. Rewards period

We explain them in detail below. Supercharger Charging

Here you can find the charging period for the supercharger.

Important to notice is that you don´t lock any funds in. There is unlimited deposit and withdrawals.

Also, you should notice that you need to accept the reward tokens, or they will not be distributed.


Duration: 7-45 days

Deposit Minimum: 100 CRO per deposit

Deposit & Withdrawal limits: Unlimited

Deposit from: Exchange spot wallet, App crypto wallet

Acceptance Period: Immediately after the Charging period ends, the liquidity score will be determined. Once the liquidity score is confirmed, you will receive the option to accept the reward tokens before the reward period ends.


  • If you fail to accept your reward distribution before distribution begins, you will lose that portion of the reward scheduled to be distributed.
  • App users can accept their allocation in the App. Supercharger Rewards Distribution

The supercharger reward period starts after the charging period has ended.


Duration: 7-45 days (after the Charging Period ends)

Total Reward amount: Pro-rata based on user’s share of the total liquidity pool

Reward distribution frequency: Daily

Reward amount daily: Total reward divided by duration (in days)

Distributed to: Exchange spot wallet App Supercharger users will need to open a Exchange account to receive their reward allocation. Supercharger Calculator has done it unnecessarily complicated to calculate supercharger profits and rewards. We have a detailed guide with two examples below.

However, you should make a rough estimated calculation to see if it’s worth depositing into the Supercharger.

Check the history in the Supercharger in the desktop exchange. But, be suspicious of that historical APY since is not transparent about how they calculate these estimations. Also, they called in an “internal process” when we asked for the numbers behind the calculation.

  • It is quite easy to make a rough estimation yourselves since gives you the available live data. For example, there is a charging period for Terra LUNA right now. According to the data and the print screen below, we have
  • USD 1.000.000 worth of LUNA in total rewards
  • 929.467.450 CRO * $0.41 = $381.081.655 USD in total stake

So, USD 38.1081.655 staked is about to share $1000.000 in reward 

  • 1000.000/381.081.655 = 0.00262 = 0.262%

However, this is for 45 days and to get the accurate APY (annual percentage rate), we have to

  • (365/45)*0.262% = 2.125%

This is a more accurate APY for supercharger.

There are a lot of numbers to keep track of when you are doing the Supercharger calculations.

Therefore, we have created a guide with a few calculation examples.

Let’s assume the following:

  • You stake 100.000 CRO at the start of an ETH Charging Period
  • Your total ETH pool rewards (Average staked amount over 30 days): 100.000 (Throughout the Charging Period, hourly snapshots of the rewards pool and crypto provided by each user are logged).
  • Total CRO pool amount at the end of the ETH Charging Period: 200,000,000 (This is how many CROs all people have staked together)
  • The total amount of ETH allocated for the event is based on the spot price at the end of the Charging Period (So, the price of the underlying cryptocurrency is important at the end of the staking period because the allocation is announced in USD at the beginning of the staking period).
  • Total reward allocation: $1,000,000 USD worth of ETH Supercharger Calculator Example 1

Your total CRO stake during the ETH Charging period is 100.000 CRO.
During the ETH Charging Period, you make no changes to your pool balance. When the Charging Period ends, your Rewards Score and rewards are calculated as follows:
  • Rewards Score = (100.000 / 200,000,000) = 0.0005 (Your contribution divided by the total contribution to the charging period)
  • Your Total rewards = 0.0005 * 1000 ETH = 0.050 ETH (Your contribution times the total number of ETH to be rewarded. We assume the ETH price is $1000)
  • Rewards paid per day during Reward Period =0.050/30 = 0.0166 ETH (Total reward divided by the number of days in the reward period)
When the ETH Charging Period ends and the Acceptance Period begins for the reward distribution.
You must log in to your Exchange / App account to accept your total reward allocation of 0.050 ETH. Over the next 30-day Reward Period, you receive 0.0166 ETH daily. Supercharger Calculator Example 2

Let´s calculate another example where you add CRO into Supercharger several times during the charging period.
It is essential to calculate your average contribution to the staking pool during the charging period. The Supercharger calculation example 1 was easy since you hold the same amount through the entire charging period.
However, in the Supercharger calculation example 2, you have withdrawn and added a different CRO stake during the charging period.
During the ETH Charging Period
  • Day 1-10: Stake 100,000 CRO into the Supercharger pool (Resulting pool balance: 100,000 CRO)
  • Day 11-20: Withdraw 100,000 CRO at the beginning of Day 11 (Resulting pool balance: 0 CRO)
  • Day 21-30: Stake 300,000 CRO at the beginning of Day 21 (Resulting pool balance: 300,000 CRO)
Your average balance during the ETH Charging Period is 133,333 CRO, calculated as follows:
  • (10 Days * 100,000 CRO + 10 days * 0 CRO + 10 Days * 300,000 CRO) / 30 Days = 133,333 CRO
After the ETH Charging Period ends, your Rewards Score and rewards are calculated as follows:
  • Rewards Score = (133,333 / 200,000,000) = 0.00066
  • Total rewards = 0.00066 * 1000 ETH = 0.066 ETH
  • Rewards paid per day during Reward Period = 0.022 ETH
After the ETH Charging Period ends and the Acceptance Period begins, you log in to your Exchange / App account to accept your total reward allocation of 0.066 ETH. A total of 0.066 ETH is divided and distributed to you daily during the Reward Period.

How do I sign Up with Supercharger?

First, you must be eligible to participate in the Supercharger program.

  • All App users outside of Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China, and the USA are eligible to participate in the supercharger.
  • Any verified Exchange user (Level: Starter or Advanced) is eligible to participate in the Supercharger events.
Now there are two options.
Either you sign up with
  1. exchange or,
  2. app,

to participate in the supercharger program.

Below we have a step-by-step guide for both options.

Sign up with App

  1. Sign up with App. How to sign up with the app and claim a referral bonus
  2. Open the App
  3. Look for the Supercharger banner on the home screen. See the screenshot below. The other option is to click the logo in the middle at the bottom and click Supercharger. app welcome screenshot

4. Under “All events,” look for an event you are interested in and click on the logo.

5. Select “Charge Now.”

6. Read the supercharge terms and conditions

6. Select a supported cryptocurrency from your Crypto Wallet and enter the amount you like to deposit into the pool.

7. Once the charging period for the event is over, accept the reward amount allocated to you.

8. Wait for rewards to be distributed on the Exchange.

Sign up with Exchange

  1. Sign up with How to sign up with exchange and claim 500 CRO referral code
  2. Login to Exchange
  3. Navigate to the Supercharger page

3. Click into the Supercharger event

4. Deposit to the pool by clicking “Deposit to Supercharger

5. Accept Reward amount allocated to you

6. Wait for rewards to be distributed

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