How to earn Bitcoin with a crypto interest account?

How to earn Bitcoin on a crypto interest account

Earning Bitcoin with a crypto interest account is a perfect way to let your money work for you. This is one of many different possibilities for Bitcoin passive income.

Many people refer to compound interest as the 8th wonder of the world. There are many reason for this but the main reason is the exponential growth you will see on your assets.

In this article, we will describe 

  1. what a Bitcoin interest, or savings, account is, 
  2. why you should put your Bitcoin in an interest account and,
  3. what difference interest accounts you can choose between.

Also, we will reveal which savings account we think is the best one.

What is a Bitcoin interest or Savings account?

An interest account, or savings account, is an account where you can store your Bitcoin to receive interest. Actually, if you don´t have any Bitcoin you should buy Bitcoin and put into an interest account.

Why should you store your Bitcoins in a Savings account?

An interest account, or savings account, is an account where you can store your Bitcoin to receive interest.

Why would you want interest into your account?

Well, instead of getting in nothing you can get something into your account without doing anything.

In addition, you can get a pretty good interest, up to around 8% when the fiat banks give 0% in return. On top of this, the fiat currencies decrease in value while Bitcoin increase in value.

Another alternative to get passive income is Bitcoin lending.

What different Bitcoin Interest accounts are there?

There are a few different companies offering Bitcoin interest account.

In this article we will focus on the accounts we have used ourselves and these include:

  • Celisus Network
  • Nexo
  • BlockFi
  • app

Celsius Network Bitcoin Interest Account

Celsius Network is offering a Bitcoin interest account among many other crypto and stablecoin interest accounts. Celsius Network is basically a lending site and is offering both savings account and loans with crypto as a collateral.

Celsius Network is a mobile application and doesn´t have any desktop version.

Celsius Network has a loyalty program where you can receive more interest if you hold more of their native token, CEL token. On top of that, you can also receive more interest if you choose to get paid in CEL token rather than the deposit coin.

In the screenshot below you can see the interest rates for some common cryptocurrencies and stablecoin.

Also, you can see that the rate differ between international and United States since US can´t receive CEL token.

Read a full Celsius Network review for more information.


Nexo IO Bitcoin Interest Account

Nexo is very similar to Celsius Network and is a site with Bitcoin, altcoin and stablecoin interest accounts. Like Celsius, Nexo is a lending site with both loans and savings account and they also have their native token, NEXO.

If you hold the NEXO token you can receive 25% more in interest. To get this premium rate you need to hold at least 10% of your total holdings in NEXO.

Apart from Celsius Network, Nexo has both an app an a desktop version. Also, Network does offer interest for fist currencies which Celsius doesn´t.

In the screenshot below you can see some of the interests offered by Nexo.

As you can see, Nexo gives 10% on all stablecoins and 5% on all altcoins.

Read our Nexo IO review 2020 for more information about interest accounts on Nexp.

BlockFi Bitcoin Interest Account

BlockFi is also a lending platform offering interest accounts for the borrowers. 

BlockFi doesn´t have a native token as Celsius Network, Nexo and With Blockfi you earn your interest in the deposited coin. For example, if you hold Bitcoin in the interest account you receive Bitcoin as interest return.

Blockfi is offering interest for the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. In addition, they offer interest account for certain stablecoins.

Read more about BlockFi in our BlockFi review 2020. Bitcoin Interest Account is a complete ecosystem and a part of this ecosystem is its app.

On the app, they have the feature they call “Earn” and here you can deposit cryptocurrencies to receive interest.

You can choose between three different terms when you go for the “Earn” feature

  • Flexible term (withdraw whenever you want)
  • 1 Month (Lock your asset for 1 month)
  • 3 Months (Lock your assets for 3 months)
In the screenshot below you can see all interest rates from CRO is their native token and if you stake 10.000 CRO or more you will get better rates. In addition, if you stake 100.000 CRO or more you will get 2% extra on all payouts. gives a $25 bonus if you stake CRO into the CRO Visa Card. The CRO Visa card can give you a lot of benefits and rewards like 5% cashback on each purchase. Also, you can get free Spotify, free Netflix, and free Amazon prime. ionterest rates with Earn feature in the app