How to earn Zilliqa ZIL interest rate or staking rewards?

How to earn Zilliqa ZIL interest rate or staking rewards

This article focuses on earning Zilliqa ZIL interest rate and staking rewards.

Also, you will find information about what Zilliqa is and where is the best place to buy Zilliqa.

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Best Zilliqa ZIL Interest Rates

In the table below we have listed all the best Zilliqa ZIL interest rates from Binance Earn and YouHodler.

As you can see, Binance Earn has the best interest rates by far. However, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. We have summarized them below.




*Reduction in fees

Binance Earn Best Zillia ZIL Staking Rewards

Binance Earn offers the best Zilliqa ZIL interest rates and staking rewards.

However, you should know the terms and conditions before you sign up.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you have to lock your funds for a certain period to earn the best staking rewards. If you redeem your invested ZIL tokens earlier, you lose all accumulated interest.

In addition, all different duration periods have a personal quota. For Zilliqa ZIL, the other individual allocation is

  • 90 days: 2.000 ZIL
  • 60 days: 200.000 ZIL
  • 30 days: 500.000 ZIL

You should also be aware that there is a total quota for all Binance Earn locked staking products. This means that there is no guarantee that all these durations are available.

Binance Earn Locked Staking Rewards and Interest Rates for Zilliqa ZIL

YouHodler Zilliqa ZIL Interest Rate

YouHodler offers a great Zilliqa ZIL interest rate, 5.5%. YouHodler has no lockup periods or additional terms and conditions.

However, YouHodler has a maximum allocation of $100.000 equivalents that you will earn interest on.

What is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa was launched in June 2017 by co-founders Amrit Kumar and Xinshu Don, two researchers from the National University of Singapore. The network’s mainnet went live in January 2019.

Zilliqa is a blockchain focusing on the concept of sharding and aiming to grow an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps) and cryptocurrencies.


What is sharding?

Sharding means processing smaller divided component networks in parallel. This technical solution helps scaling the network.

How to buy Zilliqa ZIL?

When you are looking where to buy Zilliqa ZIL you must first verify where the coin is listed.

How to check where a cryptocurrency is listed?

  1. Go to Coingecko
  2. Search for your cryptocurrency and click on it
  3. Click the “markets” tab
  4. Here, you find all the listed markets and additional information
  5. You should combine the most traded volume and a reputable exchange with low fees

Below, you find the most traded markets for Zilliqa ZIL in a screenshot from Coingecko. From this screenshot, we think Binance is the most reputable exchange combined with the lowest fees. In addition, Binance has many more additional features.

US citizens should check Kucoin instead.