Midas Investment Review 2022 – Is it legit and safe or scam?

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The Midas Investment review covers investment strategies, security, legitimacy, rewards, and interest rates.

Midas Investment is an excellent place to best earn crypto interest yields and APY. As you can see in the interest rate table, Midas Investment offers the best earning rates for many cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Midas Investment allows US customers to deposit and earn interest.

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What is Midas Investment? Is it legit?

Midas Investment is a crypto custodial investment platform for cryptocurrencies. They have accumulated over 10,000 active investors and raised more than $250+ million in assets under management(AUM).

Midas Investment is generating yield and passive income by applying different strategies in the Defi market.

There are always inefficiencies arising in fast-developing markets, like the crypto market. Such market inefficiencies allow the Midas Defi team to use algorithms to benefit from opportunities in the market. Defi’s yield generation opportunities without the need for trading or speculations.

Midas operates to localize such advantages and, by doing this, also negates the risks of human error. The yields are generated by assets that are used by protocols. Each protocol uses your capital to bring peer-2-peer value to investors, and in return, you receive fees and tokens.

Midas Investment Investment Earn Rates

Midas Investment interest rates are among the best on the market. Also, Midas Investment allows US citizens to sign up, deposit, and earn interest.

Midas Investment Boost Tiers

The Midas Boost Tier program is a five-tier system designed to extend benefits to users who hold MIDAS and/or elect to receive daily payouts in MIDAS. Your tier level is determined based on the percentage of MIDAS comprising your portfolio.

You can boost the base APY up to 30% by holding above 20% of your total portfolio value in MIDAS.

Midas tier levels with boost APY screenshot

Midas Investment Supported Coins and Earn Rates



Is Midas Investment Legit and Safe or Scam?

Midas Investment states that 90% of users’ funds are in cold wallets, and their database is encrypted with AES-256 security.

However, after a conversation with them, Midas Investment has almost all its funds in investment strategies. 

Midas Investment uses Fireblocks, a third-party company, to manage treasury operations. By doing this, Midas can access Defi and operate digital asset operations without compromising private keys.

Fireblocks can almost be considered cold storage with an interface.

Midas Investment has established an investment process with high-security measures and is investing in Defi protocols, not from hot wallets.

Are the Midas Funds Insured?

Midas Investment has no insurance on the deposited funds. However, they claim the risk is minimal since they always hedge their investments.

Hedging an investment means strategically using market strategies to offset the risk of any adverse price movements. 

Read more about how to minimize risk in our article about crypto risk management strategy.

Midas Investment Products

Midas Investment offers four different products categories summarized below

Core assets

Midas Investment’s core asset product will earn the highest yields on a single cryptocurrency asset through hedged investment strategies. Examples are BTC, ETH, BNB, and stablecoins

Defi Assets

With Midas Investment Defi Assets you can earn the highest interest and yields on Defi assets like LINK and ATOM. Also here Midas is using hedged investment strategies.


Yield Automated Portfolios (YAPs) are long-term portfolio management strategies. The available assets are Stable YAP and Defi YAP and both yield daily rewards.

YAPs are a basket of selected assets tailored for a different strategy and strive to outperform the market through monthly rebalancing and asset diversification.  

In the screenshots below, you find the cryptocurrency allocation for Defi YAP and Stable YAP. There is also information about the APY, risk and reward.

Midas Investment Defi YAP cryptocurrency allocation

What is Midas Token?

MIDAS token was created to produce additional yield above and beyond that of traditional crypto assets. 

MIDAS token was powered by the Fantom blockchain network but moved to the Ethereum network in October 2022. The circulating supply was around 3 million in October 2022 and is capped at a 5M total supply.

How Does Midas.Investments Earn Yield For Its Customers?

Midas Investment uses different models of volatility prediction, correlation, strategies, collateral asset models, and hedging.

Midas DeFi Team builds a portfolio for each cryptocurrency based on the market conditions. The Defi strategies complement one another by robust risk management policies to generate sustainable yields.

Here are the main investment  strategies

Concentrated liquidity provider for Uniswap V3

Midas Investment provides concentrated liquidity to Uniswap V3. At Uniswap you “deposit” two assets in a chosen price range. You will earn more fees if you go for a tighter price range.

If the price of any supplied cryptocurrency or token goes beyond your custom range, the liquidity is swapped to the asset.

Annualized percentage rate (APR) by Midas strategy. 20% – 60% APR

The main risk with Uniswap V3 liquidity providing is
impermanent loss. The risk is if there is extensive growth of one asset which will lead to decreased amount of target assets. Midas rank this risk as a medium and they hedge the risk by self-collateralization through lending the target assets and liquidity. It decreases return by 30% but negates the main risk.

Borrowing for target asset’s collateral to free liquidity

Use cryptocurrency as collateral to access more funds. Midas Investment uses this strategy in a combination with another strategy and it performs extremely well in terms of USD increase. The asset itself doesn’t generate yield but Midas gets access to more funds by using it as collateral.

The main risk is if the price of the collateralized asset depreciates rapidly.

Midas ranks this risk as medium and hedges it by taking a strategic position on a target asset, a liquidation value higher than 40%.

Yield vaults

Midas Investment’s product Yield vaults use decentralized hedge funds, such as YFI. Yearn finance (YFI) is a yield optimizer that moves funds around decentralized finance.

Annualized percentage rate (APR). Up to 15% APR

YFI has a great track record for hacks being fixed in less than an hour and a 100% money-back guarantee due to insurance protocols and insurance funds. Therefore Midas Investment ranks the risk as low and the main risk is the high fees for interacting with the protocol, which can strongly reduce APR. Midas Investment hedges these risks
by interacting with contracts during the nighttime hours, when the gas price is low.

Asset + Stable liquidity provider to hedge from market pullbacks

Combining the core cryptocurrency assets with USDT or any other stablecoin allows for earning more of the core asset during market pullbacks due to impermanent loss.

By doing this, it’s possible to increase the core asset amount.

In addition, core asset + stablecoin liquidity pools are hardly incentivized by protocols since it is one of the most used trading pairs. An example is BTD/USDT.

Annualized percentage rate (APR). 30% – 150% APR

Midas Investment set this risk to medium because there is a risk of continual rallying in the market. They hedge the risk by making incremental increases in size position, and with a combination of strategies, it typically favors market growth.

Leveraged liquidity farming

Leveraged liquidity farming allows farmers to leverage up their yield farming position, meaning to borrow external liquidity and add to their liquidity to yield farm.

Midas Investment take advantage of this by combining core assets with USDT or any other stablecoin to earn more assets during market pullbacks due to impermanent loss, which increases the core asset amount. 

In addition, asset+stable liquidity pools are hardly incentivized by protocols, since it is one of the most used trading pairs.

Annualized percentage rate (APR). Up to 75% annual returns.

Midas Investment evaluates the investment risk as high because flat markets with high volatility may give many false signals. They hedge the risk by using DeFi strategies to limit the risks as an impermanent loss. 

Midas Investment Pros and Cons

Midas Investment Pros and Cons

Midas Investment Pros

  • Very high-interest rates and yields
  • A large variety of assets are available
  • Accept US customers

Midas Investment Cons

  • No fiat deposit options
  • New and still quite a small platform compared to competitors like NEXO and BlockFi