Morpher 11% Staking Yield APY and $750 Deposit Bonus

Morpher staking yield apy 11% and deposit bonus $750

What is Morpher trading app?

Morpher is one of the most innovative applications built on Ethereum as we know it.

Morpher is a trading application available for anyone with a Metamask and offers trading service for ZERO fees and unlimited liquidity. In addition, Morpher can add fractional trading for any market with a reliable price data feed. 

Is Morpher Legit or Scam and a Ponzi Scheme?

Morpher is 100% legit and is not a scam or a Ponzi Scheme. You can check Trustpilot for reviews.

How can Morpher make money?

They will have daily inflation of 0.015%, or about 5% yearly which goes to developing and maintaining the trading platform.

Is Morpher decentralized?

Morpher is non-custodial but centralized. It means they will never have control over your funds but the developing process and decisions are taken in a centralized manner. The long-term goal for Morpher seems to be a decentralized trading platform. 

Morpher Staking Yield

Morpher staking yield for MPH savings 11%

In the Morpher trading app you can choose to stake your MPH tokens for a 11% APY interest rate.

Where does the 11% come from?

Morpher Deposit Bonus

the 11% APY comes from the leverage trading interest rates traders have to pay to gain a leveraged exposure.

Morpher has a Zero trading fee policy, and they started with Zero fees for leverage trading. However, they found out traders could have leverage exposure over very long time periods and since the ,,,,

Morpher 10% deposit bonus up to $750

Morpher offers one of the best crypto deposit bonuses in the whole crypto space.

Here, you can get up to $750 in crypto bonuses, but it comes with specific terms and conditions. 

What are the terms and conditions for the $750 deposit bonus

There are certain conditions

  1. You have to deposit from PayPal. Still, PayPal offers several payment methods, including Pay with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Sofort, iDEAL, eps, Mercado, BLIK, or PayPal.
  2. You cannot withdraw from your MPH account for 185 days after purchase. If payment fails to clear, or I start a dispute, chargeback/reversal, or refund request: my account and funds may be voided.
  3. Maximum deposit i s $1000 which makes it impossible to claim the total bonus after one deposit. You will need to make several deposits over time to accumulate the total $750 bonus.

We have only selected the two most unique terms and conditions above. Make sure to understand the full terms and conditions before you take advantage of any online bonus in any format, including the Morpher deposit bonus.

At the end of the day, there is nothing such as a free lunch, and of course, Morpher muse benefits from giving away “money” as well. There is a common approach for many crypto companies to offer welcome bonuses to expand their user base. 

Still, there can be win-win situations with bonuses since you might be interested in depositing without bonus compensation since Morpher is such a great trading app.

Morpher Fiat-Based Deposit Limits

Fiat-based deposits using Advcash or PayPal are subject to the following limits:
Daily: $1000 USD
Weekly: $4000 USD
Yearly: $7500 USD

Morpher MPH Markets has the best MPH markets and the most significant daily trading volume.

The available markets with daily trading volume are visible in the screenshot below.

How to withdraw Morpher MPH Tokens?

There are several different opportunities to withdraw Morpher MPH tokens from the trading platform.

You can withdraw on the Ethereum network or the Polygon network. When we write this text, the withdrawal prices are:

  • Ethereum withdrawal in MPH $14.47
  • Polygon withdrawal in MPH: $1.31
  • Polygon network withdrawal in MATIC: $1.31
As you can see the Polygon withdrawal in MATIC is the recommended way to withdraw from the Morpher trading app since this option will probably always cost less than the Ethereum network option.
Morpher withdrawal prices for the Ethereum network and the Polygon network

Morpher MPH Withdrawal limits

There are withdrawal limits on the Morpher platform, but they are set far above the maximum anyone can deposit.

The reason for these limits is evident in a young protocol like Morpher. A single whale can drain the liquidity in the MPH markets and make the MPH token go to zero.

Withdrawals are enabled at Tier 3, and come with the following limits:
Daily: 200,000 MPH
Monthly: 1 million MPH
Yearly: 5 million MPH


Morpher MPH Risks

Crypto investment Risk symbol

As with any investment, there are certain risks related to the Morpher trading application.

We have listed the most significant risks we can identify with the Morpher trading application.

  1. Morpher is highly dependent on defending the MPH price. What happens if one trader makes a super successful trade, becomes a whale, and wants to cash out? Is there liquidity enough? Morpher has addressed this risk by limiting the deposit amount into the platform and capping the withdrawals initially. The trouble is still accurate but limited.
  2. Morpher is probably still running on Venture capital to pay salaries to the team, and the netflow out from the platform can be higher than the net inflow. 
  3. Building trust in a new innovative platform like Morpher takes a long time, especially when withdrawals must be capped in the beginning to build a booming market for the MPH token.