MyCoinTainer Review 2022 – Staking Rewards – Is it legit?

MyCoinTainer Review 2022, Staking Rewards, Is it legit, feature image

This Mycointainer review 2022 goes through the masternode staking platform in terms of staking rewards and more.

Mycointainer offers a great opportunity to earn passive crypto staking rewards income. In addition, Mycointainer offer features like crypto exchange, airdrops and exclusive memberships (power subscriptions).

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What is MyCointainer?

MyCointainer is online automatic staking and masternode staking platform. They will generate yield and passive income by staking Proof-of-stake networks and blockchains.

MyCointainer gives you access to shared masternodes staking for a variety of coins. In addition, you will get automated pool staking. Some advantages over staking yourself are steadier, more predictable earnings, and the fact that you don’t need to take care of any technical details.

Also, for some PoS cryptocurrencies, the lower staking threshold is too large for many crypto investors and therefore they need a shared masternode.

MyCointainer Staking Rewards

We have summarized all the staking rewards from Mycointainer from the largest PoS networks.

Every staking reward from Mycointainer is a subject of compound interest. Therefore, you will earn much more with a more extended period, as this is how the compounding effect works.



MyCointainer Staking Fees

At Mycointainer, some assets are entirely free to stake, while some staking comes with a fee.

On the “Assets page,” you can see how much Mycointainer charges for each cryptocurrency. 

The fee is always charged from the profit. Mycointainer doesn’t earn anything if you don’t earn anything.

MyCointainer Features

Mycointainer has three additional main features over the staking

  • Exchange
  • Airdrops
  • Power Subscription

Mycointainer Exchange

On the MyCointainer exchange, you can sell any supported cryptocurrency to buy Bitcoin. In the screenshot below you can see the simple Mycointainer exchange interface.

The exchange price is 0,0001 BTC.

Mycointainer exchange feature review screenshot

Mycointainer Airdrops

MyCointainer airdrops are coins distributed to MyCointainer users for free.

Sometimes you have to complete various simple tasks to claim the airdrop.  Such tasks are usually rating, commenting, registering, and joining social media channels.

Sign up for the Mycointainer email newsletter to get information about the airdrops. 

Mycointainer Power Subscription

It’s possible to erase all Mycointainer fees by signing up for a power subscription. As you can see in the screenshot below, you will get zero exchange fees and 0% staking fees for 7.9 EUR /month.