YouHodler Review 2023 VS NEXO

YouHodler Review 2021 VS Celsius VS BlockFi VS NEXO

Welcome to this YouHodler review for 2023, including the loyalty system.

  • YouHodler is a great platform if you are looking for some of the best crypto interest accounts
  • YouHodler pay high interest rates, especially if you can reach the higher levels in the loyalty system
  • Still, NEXO is a great alternative with competitive interest rates and better opportunities for everyone to get the highest level in the loyalty system

YouHodler Loyalty Program

Increase your YouHodler yield rate with the loyalty program. In addition, your portfolio limits will also expands as you climb the ladder (how much capital you are allowed to earn yield on).

  • Basic: Depositing $100 equivalent in any cryptocurrency.
  • Jumpstart: Requirement for Jumpstart is just opening your first Multi HODL.
  • Silver: Required trading volume for Silver is $50,000 a month 
  • Gold: Required trading volume for Gold is $150,000 a month 0r $50,000 deposit as Fixed term offer.
  • Platinum: Required trading volume for Platinum is $500,000 a month
  • Diamond: Required trading volume for Diamond is $2,000,000 a month
  • VIP: Required trading volume for VIP is $5,000,000 a month

YouHodler Review Team and History

The YouHodler team consists of Ilya Volkov, Renat Gafarov, and Alex Vinny.

Ilya Volkov is the CEO of YouHodler and has over 15 years of experience in the fintech industry.

Renat Gafarov is the CTO of YouHodler and is the blockchain architect behind several crypto exchanges.

Alex Vinny is the head of product and is a former UI/UX developer.

YouHodler Review Features

YouHodler offers several features and is not only a place for earning interest on a saving account.

At YouHodler, you can

  • Get a crypto loan
  • Exchange crypto, fiat, and stabelcoins
  • Earn interest on crypto holdings
  • Boost your savings with Multi HODL
  • YouHodler dual asset with up to 365% APR
  • Borrow to get more crypto with Turbocharge

YouHodler Review Security and Insurance

YouHodler uses Ledger as an integrated part of its hot and cold crypto wallets. Additionally, ledger provides a digital asset management system with $150M pooled crime insurance for YouHodler.

With Ledger Vault, YouHodler gets:

  • All cold wallet private keys are isolated, stored, and encrypted. 
  • Furthermore, managers and mandatory multi-signature principles distribute access to the vault.
  • Ledger never holds YouHodler’s keys. Instead, a backup recovery mechanism ensures YouHodler can independently recover the funds at any time without using the Ledger platform.

YouHodler supports more than fifteen top cryptocurrency coins/tokens and stablecoins. The Ledger also supports the large majority full review of safe and regulated crypto interest accounts with insurance.

YouHodler personal account security

To set the additional level of security and protect the account, all users can apply one of two 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) available options:

  • SMS 2FA
  • Google 2FA

YouHodler Review Interest Rates

YouHodler is giving very competitive crypto interest rates to their customers.

Some examples are USDT, LINK, DOGE, and ETH, giving the best interest rates on the market (at the time of writing).

You can see all the interest rates in the tables below, where we compare YouHodler with the leading competitors.

In addition, YouHodler offers you the possibility to earn interest on a wide selection of cryptocurrencies.

YouHodler Dual Asset Picture - Earn up to 365% APR

YouHodler Dual Asset Investment

YouHodler has created a product called dual asset where they promise an APR of up to 365%.

Is this real and how can they offer such returns?

Of course, the 365% APR doesn’t come without any risks. The main product behind this yield is an option contract where you agree to buy crypto if the price decreases and sell crypto if the price increases.

Still, you will get the yield which is almost 1% per day but read about all risks, strategies, and calculations in our Youhodler dual asset review before you invest in this product.

YouHodler Review VS NEXO

In the table below, we have summarized YouHodler VS NEXO.

Pros with YouHodler over NEXO

  • YouHodler has no native token
  • Youholder has better interest rates if you reach the high levels in their loyalty system
Pros with NEXO over YouHodler
  • There is a possibility of getting higher interest rates with NEXO
  • NEXO has higher deposit limits
  • NEXO pays daily compounding interest
  • NEXO has a better loyalty system where everyone can climb to the highest tier level

However, it would help if you held a certain percentage of NEXO tokens. 

Also, you need to receive your interest payouts in the NEXO token to receive the best interest rates. 

Read more about NEXO wallet with loyalty levels and interest rates.

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YouHodler VS Kucoin Earn and Binance Earn

YouHodler is mainly a crypto borrowing and lending platform with some additional trading and exchange features.

Binance and Kucoin are quite the opposite, mainly crypto exchange and trading platforms with passive earning possibilities.

Still, both Binance Earn and Kucoin Earn are very competitive products and you can find great earning possibilities here as well.