Haasonline review

Haasonline Review

In this article, we provide you with a detailed Haasonline review in terms of its trading bot. Cryptocurrency industry fluctuates on an hourly basis, making trading bots invaluable partner when it comes to profit margins. It can also backfire if not used properly or if it does not deliver promised service, which is the reason why we go over Haasonline.

Stay tuned as we provide you with the latest information regarding the platform’s security features, privacy demands, partnerships, and trading bots. We compare the platform with its close rival, Cryptotrader in terms of trading bot’s efficiency and services. Lastly, we conclude on how good Haasonline is and what its trading bit is capable of.

Brief History

Unlike Cryptotrader, Haasonline has its management open for public at any time. Stephan de Haas developed the platform in 2014 as a result of his long trading experience. The owner’s company was functioning since 90’s, working with different types of assets.

With the growth of cryptocurrency, the organization decided to tackle the new market with trading bots of its own. In 2015, version 2.0 was developed, reaching 3.000 customers regularly using Haasonline’s services. Version 3.0 came in 2017 with the next upgrade planned for Q4 of the year 2018. Right now, the platform boasts of 5.000 active users.

Services Available

When we speak about trading bots, Haasonline has numerous of them available to you. In fact, you have over 100 bots, some more complex and others simple enough, depending on what your trading strategy is. You can overlap them and use them at the same time. Bots are organized into three categories, much like plans you purchase:

  • Advanced Plan
  • Beginner Plan
  • Simple Plan

You can check out the organization of these bots in the snapshot below.

Haasonline Review Services Available

You download these bots on your computer, with supported OS being Windows and Linux. The first line is categories mentioned above the snapshot, which include several functions in them. The second line functions themselves, which can be considered as half-bots. These fulfill specific command and can be used separately from the trading bots.

You will need to go through online tutorials if you are a starter since the interface can be found below.

Haasonline Review Online Tutorials

It is important to mention that you keep entire control of the process. You set the strategies and parameters, meaning that market analysis I s needed. These bots do not do research and then invest accordingly as you set them up according to the present conditions. These conditions can be simple or complex, depending on your strategies.

Moreover, although bots do use your assets, you can stop the program at any time. You are basically required to sit and work with the bot for most of the time. That way, you can actually make a profit since bots are not designed to take numerous quality-based indicators. You, as a human user, do that.

Haasonline Fees

Much like Cryptotrader, Haasonline offers subscription plans for users to take up. The major difference is that Haasonline has this one cost only. You purchase the plan and have several trading bots available to you. There are three plan types that can be chosen for a period of three, six, or twelve months. You can purchase these programs using bitcoins only at the moment.

The important fact is that you get exchange support in all three plans, while longer contracts have a smaller monthly-fee average. You can check out the details in the picture below.

Haasonline Review Fees table


When it comes to exchanges, the company has no direct relationship with trading platforms. You use trading bots on your own needs, meaning that Haasbot can connect with several marketplaces through its user. There are no official agreements with exchanges like Bitfinex or Poloniex but Haasonline does have partnerships within the crypto world.

The company has two official strategic partnerships with NewDawn and Off Camber Fund. Both are funds that act as trading marketplaces where exports help you earn a profit. Haasbots have a direct connection and can be used freely on these platforms. NewDawn is still in development but Off Camber is fully functional.


At Haasonline, there is no personal information required form you when purchasing and using trading bots. The platform offers full privacy, sign only your wallet’s address when getting your plans. This is in line with the industry, as Cryptotrader also does not require verification process to be completed.

The only information required form you is your email, which does not need to be your primary one at that. You can create a new mail account and use it to get plans through bitcoins, providing you with the anonymous profile.


Another thing in common with Cryptotrader is the lack of security features. The only code protecting your account and your trading bot’s historical records is password manager and support. The support page has regular FAQ and ticket system should you encounter issues while using bots. You can check out the support page in the snapshot below.

Haasonline Review Support Page

Although you do not keep funds at Haasonline, your trading bots do connect with exchanges where you do have balances. Thus, hackers can gain access to the purchased software and gain control over your assets. Thus, we do expect for security to improve in near future, especially due to the increased hacking incident occurrence.

Past Experiences

Judging from Reddit, BitcoinTalk and numerous blogs dedicated to trading bots, Haasonline comes across as a legit platform. The software brought mostly up to 5% profit over a period of several months through the active participation of the user. Users deem Haasbots as no-life-changer but they do the job they are required to.

In most cases, active participation of the trader is required, which we deem as given in the crypto market. Thus, we do consider this as positive but not spectacular in term of its reputation and past results.


In this Haasonline review, we went over the platform’s plans, reputation, security features, and trading bots. Through our investigation, we came to a conclusion that Haasonline is a legit platform to work with, but you need some knowledge of the crypto market as well. Bots do not do all of the work for you. You have to be active and use these tools to earn a profit.

The margins so far have been positive but not booming, since most users make up to 5% profit within few months.

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