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NitrogenSports Review registration and privacy

Are you interested in gambling online using cryptocurrencies? If that is the case, you came to the right place as this article reviews one of the more popular crypto betting platforms. We investigate Nitrogen Sports, a company very similar to its counterparts, SportsBet and CloudBet, in many aspects.

Stay tuned as we go through platform’s registration and verification requirements, deposit/withdrawals and fees, bonus programs and the betting platform itself. At the end of the article, we propose pros and cons that are comparable to both SportsBet and CloudBet. You should check out our reviews of them as well.

Nitrogensports Review Summary

The platform is owned by a company of the same name, located in Costa Rica. Many might see this as a red flag sign due to the lack of gambling regulations in the country. What switches the gears in the Nitrogen’s favor is the fact that company operates successfully since 2012. Since then, Nitrogen Sports established itself as one of the major BTC betting players in the industry, right next to SportsBet and CloudBet.

The service is available globally, though some of the countries are restricted, with UK and Ukraine being examples. Regions are spread around the world, though keep in mind that, since many countries that regulate betting thoroughly, Nitrogen Sports might not be available in your region.

Nitrogen Sports offers two gambling platforms, them being Sportsbooks and Casino.

Registration and Privacy

Nitrogen Sports, is based in a country that is flexible towards privacy policies, does not ask for any sort of verification from its users. You are not even required to provide an email address as it is the case with SportsBet and CloudBet, as seen below.

All you have to do is to provide username, password and bitcoin address from which you can withdraw and deposit cryptos. Do keep in mind that such privacy might come with a cost, as issues regarding the lost funds due to the system bugs or hack attack can be ignored by the Nitrogen’s support.

Deposit, Withdrawals, and Fees

Much like CloudBet, you can only deposit and withdraw bitcoins in and out of the platform. You do not have ShapeShift services as SportsBet has to put other altcoins in as well. The fee structure is pretty much not existent, with the only direct cost being withdrawals and only in case you wish to get coins out more than once in two weeks.

In that case, you would be charged a network fee, which is not flat. The cost changes from day to day, depending on the network’s activity. This is in line with both SportsBet and CloudBet, as the company makes its money through betting results.

Betting Program

The Nitrogen Sports employs two large sets of services, one being sports betting and another casino. The sports betting has 18 sports, including e-sport market as well, which we find to be a cool feature, as seen in the picture below.

NitrogenSports Review betting program

The gambling is very similar to other platforms, as you can stack your ticket with numerous matches from different sports and bet on an exact number of game indicators. You can invest funds in individual games (Straight function) or have a global investment combining the rates for higher profit margin (Parlay function). You can also set teaser for points won or lost but the said feature works only for basketball and football.

AS for the casino, Nitrogen Sports lack the vast number of games that SportsBet and CloudBet offer for bitcoin clients. You have dice, baccarat, blackjack (one, two and eight decks), three card poker and slots, as shown below.

NitrogenSports Review three card poker and slots

Additionally, unlike CloudBet, you cannot play any games if you do not possess at least 0.01 BTC in your balance.

Bonuses and Promotions

Just a year ago, the company introduced a nice bonus program called “Nitro Points”. These points can be seen as loyalty payouts as you earn them through playing games and depositing bitcoins into your account, The bonus level resets each month, while the level achieved would gain you free BTCs every month.

The more you play – the more you gain is the motto, which we find very funky. You can check out system below.

NitrogenSports Review bonuses and promotions

Although you do not have the sign-in bonus as CloudBet offers, the Nitrogen’s bonus system is still better than that. You can pass the 5 BTC CloudBet deposit bonus in next few months with sufficient gambling investments.

Nitrogensports Security

The company so far has proven to be a trustworthy platform for bitcoin gambling, offering two-factor authentication (2FA) as a measure of protection. Since most of the platforms in the market offer the same feature, Nitrogen Sports does not offer anything new or special in this particular aspect.

Much like SportsBet and CloudBet, the underage clients cannot be distinguished as no birth dates are even asked of.

Customer Support

This might be the greatest sour point we have encountered with nitrogen Sports so far, as there is no live chat system in place. You do have a ticket system and direct email, as well as social media platforms where you can ask questions and seek out support members to help you in case of trouble.

The website tries to compensate the lack of live support chat with live customer chat, as you can write to the entire community, as shown below.

NitrogenSports customer support

Reputation Nitrogensports

So far, Nitrogen Sports received fairly positive remarks, proving the point that platform is not a scam. Most of the reviews love the idea of being able to completely private to use while the greatest complaints lie in support responsiveness and somewhat complicated betting interface.

Pros and Cons


  • Completely private to use
  • Chat with community
  • Very attractive bonus program
  • E-sports available as sports in betting section
  • you pay only withdrawal network fees


  • Some countries are not available
  • No live support chat
  • Small number of casino games
  • No altcoins offered for deposit/withdrawals
  • Underage betters can participate without issues

Concluding Remarks

Overall, we deem Nitrogen Sports as a good platform to start your betting operations, especially if you are interested in e-sport gambling. You have various functions at your disposal when it comes to sports but casino lacks the variety. The platform orients towards both beginners and experts, though starters might find the interface slightly confusing when they log in for the first time.

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