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Bitcoin Social Trading

Social Trading is a way to support traders with community tools for trading. Examples can be sharing portfolios, share news feeds or comments, follow other investor´s portfolios and so on. This is a very powerful tool since the community works together rather than individual. Etoro support trading with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Ether Classic, Litecoin and Dash. Read full Etoro review.

Etoro Social Trading Features

Copy Trader

Copy Trader allows you to automatically duplicate another trader´s portfolio and investments. You can see each user’s portfolio, track record, Risk Score, and success/fail ratio before you choose to copy anyone’s portfolio.


CopyFunds is an adjustable fund that copies the current most successful eToro investors. This fund constantly makes adjustments and are based on the crowd wisdom rather than a few individual decisions. The funds are managed by an advanced optimization algorithm and are unique for eToro.

Popular Investor Program

Anyone can become a popular investor at eToro and gain followers. Popular investors receive monthly payments, up to 100 % spread rebate, a percentage of their Assets Under Management (AUM).

eToro community

Cooperation, community, and interaction are the key components of the eToro trading experience. Etoro offers their platform since they believe the power of community takes you to the next online trading level.

Social Trading Pros and Cons



About Etoro

Etoro was one of the first online social trading platforms. It has grown to 6 million users. The company is regulated. Read more in our Etoro Review.

Other Trading Companies

Other trading companies that offer cryptocurrency derivative trading with many different tools and training programs.

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