What are the top 3 Ripple trading platforms for US customers?

What are the top 3 Ripple trading platforms for US customers

What Are The Top 3 Ripple Trading Platforms For US Customers?

Ripple (XRP) is currently ranked the third in terms of its market capitalization with the highest number of circulating coins 39,935,410,492 XRP. With such a high number of coins in the market the cryptocurrency only needs its price get above $1 and it will be in position two having overtaken Ethereum (ETH).

Actually, Ripple is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency and investors are falling for it since it has a very promising future due to its involvement as a payment infrastructure connecting payment providers and banks.

The price of Ripple (XRP) is expected to go past $1 very soon, especially going by the recent developments and its current market price movement history.

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Choosing the best XRP Trading platform

Ripple (XRP) is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies owing to the fact that it has very many XRP coins circulating the market. It, therefore, provides one of the best crypto trading opportunities for cryptocurrency traders.

However, as a crypto trader, you will need to be very keen when looking for a trading platform and especially when it comes to trading Ripple.

Below are some of the important factors that one should use when looking for a Ripple trading platform:

  1. You should have an easy time opening an account.
  2. They should have an excellent customer support to ensure that you are quickly attended to incase of a dispute.
  3. Honest market quotes.
  4. User friendly trading platform.
  5. Very few or no major complaints from customers/clients.
  6. The platform should also have a variety of XRP pairs to choose from.

 Top 3 Ripple Trading platform for US customers

Cryptocurrency traders that reside in the United States and wish to trade Ripple crypto coin can visit the following Ripple trading platforms;

  1. Bittrex

This is one of the most advanced crypto exchange and it has also become on of the best Ripple trading platform for crypto traders. It is based in Seattle, United States.

They have one of the best crypto exchnage platforms and their commisisons are also very little.

Supported Ripple (XRP) Pairs: XRP/USD, XRP/BTC, ETH/XRP, and XRP/USDT.

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  1. Poloniex

This is another Riplle trading platform that has become very popular among Ripple traders. It has a very user friendly trading interface as a well as very strict rules to help protect the traders from scammers. It is based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

One of its special features is that it allows margin trading for BTC markets. This means a Ripple trader could opt to do margin trading for XRP/BTC.

Supported Ripple (XRP) Pairs: XRP/USDT &S XRP/BTC

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  1. Kraken

Kraken was the pioneer crypto trading platform to list Ripple (XRP) in the list of tradable crypto coins. Actually, it is one of the crypto exchanges that have the most volume of listed Ripple (XRP) coins.

In addition, it has one of the simplest registration process as well as a very user friendly user interface for use during trading.

Apart from listing Ripple against other cryptocurrencies, Kraken also lists Ripple against fiat currencies and especially the Euro Pound since Kraken is based in Europe.

Supported Ripple (XRP) Pairs: XRP/EUR, XRP/USD & XRP/BTC.

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