Where to find the best crypto market cap chart?

Where to find the best crypto market cap chart

In this article, we compare the 4 best online tools to analyze and evaluate a crypto market cap chart.

Keeping the pace with the volatile cryptocurrency market is sometimes hard and demands a lot of time. That is why there are tools which traders use to stay up to date. Ones of the most important online places for staying in touch with the market are, so-called, price checking websites.

However, every trader has to acknowledge that such platforms are centralized and have the power to influence the market. In order to be able to get the most realistic view, you have to be aware of the alternative sources of information. Therefore, in this article, we are going to evaluate all the pros and cons of four of the most powerful websites:

  • Coinmarketcap
  • Coingecko
  • Coincheckup
  • Coincap.io

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Coinmarketcap - Most Used Crypto Chart

Coinmarketcap is, by far, the most influential and most used crypto market cap chart websites in the world. When a coin gets listed on the website, we can say that it is officially recognized by the crypto community.


Coinmarketcap has 2298 coins listed in 19101 markets, along with all their historical data and simple charts in each coin’s section, showing you the price in USD and BTC as well as the reported volume. All that available in 32 languages. Coins are ranked according to their market capitalization, but every user has an option to view the list in accordance with the price of a single coin, volume, supply or the growth percentage.


Once you enter the site, on the top of the website there is total market capitalization, 24h volume, and BTC dominance. Underneath, you’ll find various tools, among which is the currency converter enabling users to seamlessly find out how much, for example, BCH you would get for 200 Ravencoin (RVN). One of the most interesting tools is a historical snapshot ability, which can show you what the favorites were a year or two ago.


Users can always check top gainers and losers as well as recently added cryptocurrencies. For every cryptocurrency, you can find out on which exchanges it is available for trading, the latest social media feed, and ratings.


Moreover, Coinmarketcap ranks exchanges by reported or adjusted volume, which is also supported by historical charts of the volume.


If you cannot find all the described options, don’t worry, Coinmarketcap has a Chrome extension available for download, which makes the website go dark and “unlocks” more options.



  • Most used
  • Many options
  • Simple UI
  • Chrome extension
  • Available in 32 languages
  • Mobile version available


  • No candlesticks
  • Almost holds a monopoly which makes it too influential
  • Prices are not real-time

Coingecko - Many Coins, Few Exchanges

Coingecko has been around for quite some time now and established itself as a trustworthy source of crypto market cap charts and other relative information.


Contrary to Coinmarketcap, it isn’t so picky in the choice of coins as it lists more than 5000. However, the number of exchanges followed is much lower than it’s competition as it lists only 349 trading platforms.


Coingecko doesn’t have as many in-depth options as Coinmarketcap, but those that are there are well presented in a nice UI. Still, what is great for miners, the website has an integrated mining calculator for all listed Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies. Also, there is a choice to change the charting to candlesticks and, moreover, to Tradingview charting, which suits experienced traders better since it is supported by Tradingview’s TA.


Another thing that is a bonus on the website is the list of ICOs and the schedule of upcoming important events in the crypto multiverse.



  • Great charting
  • Intuitive UI
  • Mobile version available
  • Available in 21 languages
  • More than 5000 coins listed
  • ICO section


  • Prices are not real-time
  • Only 349 exchanges listed

Coincheckup - Different Crypto Chart Options

CoinCheckup is a website for crypto market cap charts that immediately lets users adjust the depth of the list according to their needs by switching between basic, advanced, and pro option. Also, it has a filter through which users are able to further customize what they want to see from 2,253 coins listed on the website.


 The charting, while it lacks a candlestick option, is fairly thorough as there are some uncommon features like % of the total market or circulating supply line. Prices are not updated in real-time, but what sets this platform apart from others is that it also distributes price prediction for every cryptocurrency. Moreover, CoinCheckup has a thing called an Algorithm Score which they get by “collecting objective data on a daily basis.”


Being adapted to different markets is always a great product feature to have, and CoinCheckup is definitely adapted by having the option of switching between denominating cryptos in more than 15 fiat currencies. However, that adaptability has a boundary because the website is only available in the English language.



  • Mobile version available
  • Good charting options
  • More fiat currency denomination options
  • Customizable
  • Predictions section


  • Prices are not real-time
  • No candlesticks in charting
  • Only available in English
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Coincap.io - Crypto Market Charts in different languages

Coincap is another similar crypto market price tracker and chart tool available in 19 languages which is the least popular of all mentioned platforms in this article.


However, what makes this platform great is that it is connected to ShapeShift, which makes it possible for their users to seamlessly access the crypto trading website by simply clicking on the presented link next to the coin’s name.


Besides that wonderful ability, Coincap isn’t so rich in options as the other three covered websites. It lacks depth both in listed coins (only 1,515) and exchanges (only 71) and doesn’t show coins’ charts in the main page. It also has the worst charting system of the competition, without candlestick patterns but also without the prices in BTC and volume line. Still, Coincap makes up for it with the section where users can find Tradingview’s charting and do their analysis.


Nevertheless, the prices on Coincap are in real-time, which is a huge upside as is the ability of the website to show prices of coins in more than 50 different currencies from around the world (USD, EURO, AUD, etc.).



  • Real-time prices
  • Available in 19 languages
  • ShapeShift option
  • Mobile version available
  • Pices available in many fiat currencies


  • Charting
  • Few options
  • No charts on the main website
  • Fewer coins and exchanges listed than the competition

Conclusion - The Best Crypto Market Cap Chart

Neither of the websites presented is perfect by any means. While Coinmarketcap is the most used and the “deepest” crypto market cap chart tool, it doesn’t have some features that the competition has, like real-time prices or candlestick charting.

Still, these four are all quality choices, like always, depending on the user’s needs. As stated, the monopoly is a bad thing for the cryptocurrency market and you should always look to compare even the websites that are used for comparing. By using a few similar platforms, you can neutralize the possibility to become influenced by someone’s unprofessional conduct.

In the end, we have to say that Coinmarketcap emerges as a winner in this race. Not just because of the number of users, where it is definitely superior, but also because of the in-depth approach to the market which totally makes up for a somewhat worse charting.

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